Topolino & stand up to



Fiat 500 B


... back in the year in 1948 find the Fiat 500 B, the raising of the Topolino
To apiear with a simple modern line and cleaned with small shrewdness.
The bumper was to applicated and not included in the models A and B.
Are been brought some changes that made more modern.
The car is a version adjourned of the 1936 500 Topolino.
It doesn't very aesthetically change it respects her greater sister.
Wiring, brakes, motor and suspension completely renewed.
Considered that to the little one it cost few more than 600.000 Lire.
And' revisits the motor with an expansion.
To apiear with a capacity of 569 cm3 and the strength of 16,5 CV.
It reaches the speed of around 95 km/h